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  It’s Elementary!

Embrace Your Child’s Strengths & Struggles

Few students are great at EVERYTHING. 


 Whether your child is a

chatty Cathy, a moody Mike, a silly Sally, a lazy Susan, a gifted Glenn,


a careless Karen, a speedy Gonzales, a shining Star, 

or a slow & steady Freddy…

From time to time, he or she may benefit from individualized instruction with an experienced tutor.  But please keep in mind…

Not all tutors (or teachers) are created equal. 

Finding a tutor who is well trained, knowledgeable about learning differences, skilled at differentiating instruction, capable of empowering young students, and familiar with the current common core curriculum; can ensure that your child does not experience additional frustration, loss of motivation, or long term damage to his or her self-esteem.

Recognizing and embracing your child’s strengths and struggles can make all the difference in the world.

Can an Intentional Tutor (Teacher) Benefit Your Child?

What is an Intentional Teacher?

Intrinsic Motivation is Essential!   Core Values…

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