What Makes a Teacher a Superhero?

What Makes a Teacher a Superhero?

Teachers can lead students to

  • discover talents.
  • learn how to enhance their abilities.
  • use their strengths to overcome their “weaknesses.”  Learn More.

Teachers, who are self-reflective and self-aware; play to their own strengths.  They 

  • stand up for what is right. 
  • succeed, and never give up. 
  • do not blame students for their shortcomings; they accept them for who they are. 
  • believe in, and encourage students. 
  • collaborate with students to determine their strengths and interests; subsequently developing strategies, tailored to each individual.  
  • work with other teachers, parents, service providers, and administrators to gain additional insight.
  • provide holistic solutions, which will be supported by all involved in the development of the superheroes.

When a teacher searches for a student’s strengths, and subsequently nurtures those talents; the student begins to view the teacher as his or her “superhero,” who… 

  • sees things what other people don’t see.
  • thinks in ways other people don’t think.
  • plans and is prepared to support each student as an individual.  
  • is concerned about the student’s depth of understanding, rather than eliminating, and punishing the individual for making mistakes. 
  • focuses on activities that address each student’s individual needs. 
  • respects each and every student.
  • persistently fights for, and defends, each student. 
  • challenges students to live up to their potential.
  • gets to “know” each student on a personal level.  Teachers who “know” their students, are more invested.
  • has the superpower to teach students how to be self-reflective, and “see” things that had previously been invisible.  Learn more.

Most importantly…

Teachers who are superheroes, have the talent to nurture future superheroes.

Watch below “Top Ten Signs You’re An Early Childhood Educator”
from “Early Childhood Professionals: The Heroes of Our Time.”

Then remember…Superheroes are imaginary. 

No matter how hard teachers work; they are only human…

Watch below “The Myth of the Super Teacher” from the Education Writers Association.

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