Ensure a Solid Foundation for Future Achievement

How Can an Intentional Tutor (Teacher) Benefit Your Child?

Most teachers are responsible for classrooms of twenty to thirty plus students.  They are often overwhelmed by administrators’ expectations, pressured to “teach to the test,” responsible for managing students with emotional and behavioral challenges, and inundated with endless paperwork…not to mention the pressure to decorate classroom walls, and display student work.  Your child’s teachers rarely have the time, or energy to address every single challenge, or to analyze whether every student has an in-depth understanding of each concept…beyond what is necessary to pass “the test.” 

An experienced teacher (tutor) can help discern where there may be cracks in a student’s knowledge base, and remedy those flaws; preventing larger gaps from developing and/or hindering your child’s achievement in the future.

When a teacher or tutor appropriately tailors instruction to meet a student’s unique learning needs and style; those competencies, which initially had proven to be most challenging to master, can potentially become a student’s strengths.  Stories abound of individuals who have excelled as a result of, and perhaps “in spite of,” the skills, which initially took the most concerted effort to attain.

While parents certainly can…and should, contribute to their childrens’ education; family members can at times distract from the learning process, as children seek approval, fear mistakes, and worry they may not be “good” enough to meet their parents’ expectations.  In addition, few parents are trained in the pedagogy necessary to break down tasks, and explain concepts step by step.  Often, adults do not realize that over the years, many of the subtle skills used within the problem solving process, have become automatic and unconscious for them, and as a result, they skip those steps when helping children with assignments.  Inevitably, this leads to frustration for all involved.  In fact, it can be the most evident with the brightest students, whose parents may be highly competitive, and armed with Ivy League MBAs…along with (overwhelmingly) high expectations.  In  some cases, parents do not have the capacity to intrinsically motivate children.  As a result, they resort to rewards, bribes, and punishment; which is most certainly counterproductive in the long run.

Reduce Struggle, Increase Strength 

To maximize your child’s time, energy, and attention span; hire a tutor who… 

  • has classroom experience.
  • is familiar with State Standards.
  • has the training and talent to effectively differentiate and modify instruction. 
  • has the patience and insight necessary to empower your child. 
  • has the ability to create a safe environment; which welcomes mistakes, while encouraging success.
  • will respect your goals, expectations, and family values.
  • will elevate your child’s self-esteem; while making learning fun.

Ensure a Solid Foundation for Future Achievement

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