What Can Children Learn from Superheroes?

What Can Children Learn from Superheroes?

Superheroes can serve as positive “role models.”  They teach real life lessons, including

  1. Being different can be powerful.
  2. Adversity can be overcome.
  3. Morals are important – There is a difference between right and wrong (good, bad, and evil).  Individuals have the option to choose altruism over wealth, or power over others.
  4. Empathy – Caring for others can add meaning to one’s life.
  5. The Costume Counts. It is important to present yourself in a way that…
    • suits the role you wish to play.
    • reflects the social context (or environment) around you.
    • is comfortable (enough) to reach the goals you wish to achieve.

How do You Nurture a Potential Superhero?

What Makes a Teacher a Superhero?

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