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Whether your child has been diagnosed with behavioral or learning differences…or whether you have a typically developing child; the fact that you have arrived here suggests you are seeking tools to enhance your parenting skills.



First and foremost…

Be Intentional

Intentional Parents are similar to Intentional Teachers.  They…

  • Plan ahead
  • Anticipate challenges
  • Are flexible
  • Are prepared with educational activities; reflecting a child’s interests & ability.
  • Respond to what is…not to what they may have “expected.”

I highly recommend the following resources for ALL parents…and teachers.  It is imperative that we understand the minds of our students, and learn to communicate with them in ways which are collaborative, rather than judgmental and/or controlling.  We must eliminate our preconceptions and unconscious biases, and determine what is true and beneficial for each individual, so that they may live authentically healthy lives.

Websites & eNewsletters for Parents & Teachers

The Childmind Institute – transforming children’s lives

Understood – for learning & attention issues

Books & Authors for Parents & Teachers

Alfie Kohn

Unconditional Parenting Alfie Kohn writes and speaks widely on human behavior, education, and parenting. The author of fourteen books and scores of articles, he lectures at education conferences and universities as well as to parent groups and corporations.   Punished by Rewards is also extremely insightful, and backed by research.  You can sign up for blog updates as well.


Ross Greene

Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child – Ross Greene

Lost at School –  Ross Greene


It’s true, you reap what you sow.  If we handle kids with power and control, that’s what we get back. What happens if we collaborate with them — as partners — instead? Lives in the Balance is devoted to moving things in that very direction. Our model is life-changing. Our programs are life-saving. Our resources are free. Our research is compelling. And there’s a lot more in the pipeline.

Explore his website…

Lives in the Balance – Fostering Collaboration – Transforming Lives – Inspiring Change

A non-profit organization founded by child psychologist Dr. Ross Greene to heighten awareness of the detrimental and counterproductive effects of punitive interventions, and to address the systemic issues that impede our progress.


Learn More…

Practice Makes Perfect – How and when technology can be beneficial.

Discover activities and simple techniques, which reinforce tutoring sessions, classroom instruction, and IEP goals.   

Participate & Communicate 

Learn how to enhance social, emotional, cognitive, and communication skills.  Discover local resources for teaching materials and art supplies.

How to Encourage a Growth Mindset & Perseverance

Myths & Measures – Reading Levels and Standardized Testing

Articles , Webinars, & More

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