My Strengths

I have…


  • an in depth understanding of child development and developmentally appropriate best practices.
  • familiarity and experience teaching the current New York State Common Core Standards.
  • training – applied behavior analysis, the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory learning approach, the responsive classroom approach, collaborative problem-solving techniques with students with special needs, and/or social emotional challenges. 

Talent & Creativity

  • the ability to seamlessly incorporate the natural environment.
  • the insight to connect lessons to “real life” applications; which resonate with students, inspire motivation, and fuel their enthusiasm for learning.
  • the creativity necessary to prepare personalized, engaging, and fun lessons.
  • business experience (in the field of HRM), and the insight to determine which skills will ensure a student’s career success AND happiness.
  • the talent to problem-solve
  • the flexibility to adjust my teaching to suit each student’s needs throughout the learning process.

Emotional Intelligence

  • the discipline to plan ahead.
  • the flexibility to integrate teachable moments within the curriculum. 
  • the focus to guide students toward purposeful goals and objectives.
  •  the patience to solve the challenging “puzzle” each child represents.
  • the gift to be able to put a smile on each student’s face. 
  • a passion for teaching.
  • an understanding that every students is an individual.
  • the strength to serve as an authentic model, who demonstrates resilience, persistence, and patience.

I practice Intentional Teaching

I echo the words of Ann S. Epstein (The Intentional Teacher: Choosing the Strategies for Your Children’s Learning), who shared…

Educators teach, guide and equip students from preschool all the way through college.  Every teacher can explain a lesson, but extraordinary educators leave an impression on the hearts and minds of children that remains for a lifetime.  Exceptional teachers work with a clear focus and purpose, an intentional mindset with specific goals for students and a daily plan of action. Intentional teachers are constantly striving to improve and better prepare students for successful adult lives.  An intentional teacher is a model educator, setting the standard and raising the bar for future teachers.

Whether working with small groups of students, or within a general classroom environment, I embrace practices of The Responsive Classroom Approach; ensuring the structure and respect, which are necessary to create a positive learning environment.  Learn more.

I agree 100% with Ross Greene (Lost at School), when he says… 

Your explanation for a kid’s challenging behavior has major implications for how you’ll try to help. If you believe a kid is challenging because of lagging skills and unsolved problems, then rewarding and punishing may not be the ideal approach.  Solving those problems and teaching those skills would make perfect sense.

The definition of good parenting, good teaching, and good treatment is being responsive to the hand you’ve been dealt. Notice, the definition isn’t “treating every kid exactly the same.”

Learn more about how Collaborative Problem Solving with children ensures a win-win solution for all, whether at home, at school, or in the supermarket.
Gain inspiration by watching this TEDx presentation
Rethinking Challenging Kids – Where there’s a Skill There’s a Way.

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