“Special” Education for All

All students are UNIQUE.

EVERY student is “SPECIAL.”

All students CAN learn. 

Every student has his or her own unique personality, interests, learning style, strengths, and challenges.

Every one of a student’s attributes falls on a continuum.  An outstanding student overall, may not be outstanding in everything.  And a student who struggles with reading, may be superior in math.  Some students learn by reading, others learn by hearing, and others need to experience and practice a particular skill on their own.  So…all teachers must be as skilled in differentiating instruction, and breaking down tasks for general education students, as is necessary to successfully advance those students with “special” needs.

There will always be variation among students in terms of their knowledge, learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, experiential, etc.), personality (think Myers-Briggs), level of self-confidence, values, interests, level of self-esteem, energy level, focus, cultural upbringing, language development, vocabulary, and any other quality which may impact their point of view and learning success.

Any student can encounter social or emotional challenges with a peer or with a teacher; so many of the tools geared toward the field of “special” education are truly useful for all teachers and parents, who is looking for guidance in educating young children.  In order to comprehend a students needs, adults must comprehend that we do not all think, and learn, in exactly the same way.

Note…if you are looking for information on how to address conflicts you, or your student is having with his/her teachers.  Click – Teacher Concerns for related content on Understood.org.

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