Core Values & Beliefs



Extensive research demonstrates…

  • Stars, stickers, and verbal praise reduce motivation. While rewards may “appear” to work in the short run, they actually reduce future interest in a given activity or behavior…and are counterproductive in the mission to ensure an intrinsic passion for learning. 

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  • Mistakes are a natural form of punishment.  They, in and of themselves, cause children to feel self-conscious.  There is no need to add insult to injury.  Rather, students should be encouraged to view mistakes, as necessary and welcome steps in the learning process.  Imposing “discipline” is the problem – not the solution.

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  • Students do well IF they can.  Students want to do well.  When a student has difficulty mastering a skill, or partakes in counterproductive behavior; it is the TEACHER’s responsibility to determine what is hindering that particular student’s progress.  It is the teacher’s role to address and remedy the specific challenges preventing a student from achieving his or her goals and objectives.

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All students are UNIQUE.

EVERY student is “SPECIAL.”

All students CAN learn. 


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