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Lessons & Literature

These are just a few of my resources.  If you have a specific topic that you are interested in addressing, or a skill that you would like to nurture, please do not hesitate to contact The Intentional Teacher (NYC) for additional suggestions. 

My toolbox has become far too complex to post every resource here, although I may add a few recommendations from time to time.


  • Manners & Respect for Others
  • Sharing, Diversity, & Inclusion
  • Tattling & Telling the Truth
  • Friendship
  • Patience & Flexibility

Manners & Respect for Others

clifford-manners      what-if-everybody-did-that

Sharing, Diversity,  & Inclusion

should-i-share-my-ice-cream     fish1      fish-jpeg-rescue     eggburt   all-alike

Tattling & Telling the Truth

dont-squeal     9780679887430_p0_v1_s192x300     wolf     boy-who-cried-wolf


More Mo Willems…of course

tony morrison tortoise

Patience, Flexibility, & Self-Discipline

waiting-is-not-easy    jacket-are-you-ready-to-play-outside   girl who never made mistakes    self-discipline

Imagination & Pretending

bear-hunt-award     im-a-frog

Rhyming & Repetition

brown-bear     one-fish     green-eggs   draw-me-a-star

old-lady-die   old-lady


very-hungry-catepillar     jacket-5-monkeys

Problem Solving & Creativity 

collage          picasso-collage          our-library

Other activities include… 

    • Create Collages with mixed media – it is like putting a puzzle together to represent a concept.
  • Practice problem solving – Mazes – You can find these online.  Just print them out…or buy a book filled with mazes.

Humor Anything Mo Willems

  • That Is Not a Good Idea!
  • Pigs Make Me Sneeze! (health and hygiene)

thats-not-a-good-idea            pigs-make-me-sneeze

Great book to read when the Kindergarten chicks hatch.

Can also use to compare and contrast to Hansel & Gretel (if you do not have an issue with this fairy tales ending).


Butterflies & Moths – transformation

little-butter busy-butter cat-to-but  butterflies  butter

Discover – Sample Lessons – Beyond the Books

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