All in the Family

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Relationships & Mental Health

The Benefits of Helping Preschoolers Understand and Discuss Their Emotions – Increasingly, research confirms the efficacy of explicit training in emotional intelligence starting at a very young age.

How to Raise Non-Judgmental Children: 5 Ways to Build Empathy and Compassion

The Long-Lasting Pain of Childhood Verbal Abuse – Words uttered by parents damage in ways more literal than not.

Parents’ Untreated Mental Illnesses Affect Their Children – The butterfly effect – Treating the system will treat the individual. And, treating the individual will treat the system.

Dr. Ruth – Speak Up for Kids – Dr. Ruth has a special Mother’s Day message – More than 70 million children have a mental health disorder in the United States.  That is more than all the children with asthma, diabetes, cancer, and AIDS combined.

The Benefits of Giving Children Chores – A Harvard study reveals that children who do chores are more likely to be more successful in their future careers

Trends in Education

Hackschooling makes me happy – The Science of Happiness

Robin Hood Forest Kindergarten – The Berlin-based preschool is one of 1,500 so-called waldkitas in Germany, most of which have opened in the last 15 years.

Wondering what happened to your class valedictorian? This is what research shows. – Grades are not everything! Passion and curiosity are far more valuable.

Embedding Social Emotional Learning Across the Curriculum – The ability to manage time and attention, to direct learning, to read social situations and to work productively with others–these are the types of character strengths that will most determine success in school, life and work.